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Disability Studies 102: Next steps in building practices based on disability studies theoretical concepts

Webinar hosted by Disability Services for Students
Presenters: Susan Mann Dolce, Ph. D., University at Buffalo & Karen Pettus, Ph.D. University of South Carolina

As disability studies scholarship takes its deserved place among other identity disciplines and disability service offices emphasize not only individual accommodations but equitable campus environments, we often hear colleagues talk about designing their offices based on “the social model.” But what does that mean? How can we use concepts from disability studies as guiding principles and theories to create resources that value the disability experience and model equity? Building on these conversations and scholarship, we will explore how disability studies can inform disability resource offices’ staffing, organization structure, position descriptions, student processes, faculty communication, outreach programming, and assessment strategies. We will highlight offices and professionals who are doing this work on their campuses, providing models for focusing our work on social justice and disability studies concepts. Examples from offices that have “walked the talk,” including a checklist to guide your process, will be provided.

Thursday, April 6, 2017
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Ritter 101
Ritter Library
  Disability Services Presentation  
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Alsace Toure